How To Fit & Adjust A Cycle Helmet

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you might have thought that putting on a

helmet was simple and it is up to a

point but it's also very easy to get it

wrong so here are some simple steps to

adjust it to make sure that it fits

safely and correctly

now when assume you've got the right

size to start with but if you want to

check it should feel snugly on your head

and you shouldn't be able to get more

than one finger between your forehead

and the helmet now most how much we'll

have a retention system that's this

thing at the back you should make sure

that it's as loose as possible when

you're checking so it's actually the

shell of the helmet and not the

retention system that's holding it in

place so you've got the right size

excellent now we need to make sure

that's sitting in the right place on

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