How To Fit A Lacrosse Helmet

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hi guys I'm Sean Mooney this is my

assistant whoo we will today we will be

showing you how to properly size a

helmet for the basic player we're not

going for style points here with the

tilt who has the best tilt or flow

coming out the back we're going to show

you the parents out there and people who

are just starting lacrosse the correct

way to size a lacrosse helmet so first

step obviously is putting it on there's

gonna be three things we're going for

here we're gonna be one is always

comfort too we're looking for the

correct vision and the third thing which

we'll get to at the last step is how to

size the chinstrap correctly so first

off as you can see you don't want to

tilt it too far you don't want it up

like this you want to have it tilted

nice that he is seeing straight through

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